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1 Sep Asset Resilience In Practice: A Case Study on Environmental Containment

Posted at 10:07 in Flood Resilience, Resilience

In this article I’ll be talking you through one of our projects – this time concerning an NHS clinic in Oxfordshire. As you can see from the images below, this particular site housed an un-bunded heating oil tank. While technically a double skinned tank that did not require bunding according to the relevant legislation, the […]

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3 Jan How UK Wide Learning Is Changing the Effectiveness of PPM

Posted at 9:49 in Flood Resilience, Resilience

Recently I’ve been focusing much of my attention on the UK’s rather alarming vulnerabilities to climate change, flooding and other environmental risks. I have also been very vocal about the key role I feel data should play in our reactions to these growing risks, as well as a much-needed rethink of our current efforts to […]

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29 Sep Rethinking UK Flood Protection Following The National Flood Resilience Review

Posted at 8:30 in Flood Resilience

Last month I wrote an article summarising the findings of the 2017 UK Climate Change Risk Assessment. In the article, I highlighted the growing vulnerability of UK infrastructure as well as our collective unpreparedness to deal with both today’s and tomorrow’s flood risks. While I am aware that many of you have been investing in […]

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1 Sep How Growing Uncertainty Is Changing How Organisations Care for Their Assets

Posted at 12:43 in Flood Resilience, Resilience

Those of you that follow my posts will recall that in a recent article, I called for a greater focus on data-driven decision to help mitigate our collective susceptibility to business risk. This is not to say organisations have necessarily been neglecting the use of data in their decision making. Rather, it is to help […]

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9 Aug The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (2017): 4 Critical Implications on UK Infrastructure

Posted at 10:48 in Flood Resilience

This post originally appeared as a LinkedIn Pulse post. From the effects of uncharacteristically high rainfall and flood severity to the growing interdependencies apparent in Britain’s infrastructure, it’s clear that the UK is becoming increasingly vulnerable to risks and the collateral damage they cause. This isn’t anecdotal scaremongering. Summarising the contents of a forthcoming government […]

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1 Aug Why The “Always On” Culture Favours Resilient Businesses

Posted at 14:39 in Flood Resilience, Resilience

As any cursory internet search will show, professionals today are subject to what is described as an “always-on” business culture: we’re constantly accessible through our smartphones and tablets, constantly connected to our professional networks and, for many of us, constantly keeping business at the forefront of our minds outside of standard working hours. It’s unrelenting, […]

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13 Jul Financing Resilience Protection for the UK

Posted at 13:22 in Flood Resilience, Resilience

Flood damage to homes, businesses and the economy has been significant over the past three years and costs are rising. Given the unpredictable and extreme weather patterns, it is likely citizens, businesses and the UK Government will face serious financial challenges in the years to come. However, what these unpredictable challenges may provide, is a […]

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Can businesses be cheaper AND faster with Asset Resilience?

27 Jun Challenging The Myth of ‘Better, Faster, Cheaper’ in Asset Resilience

Posted at 10:22 in Flood Resilience

It is a cliché in business, the idea that when it comes to buying services and products, you’re limited to two of the three: faster, better and cheaper. It’s understable that traces of this thinking still linger in business though. Historically, rigid business models and slowly developing technology meant that this cliché more or less […]

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A gap in asset protection?

23 Jun Resilience By Design: Filling The Gaps In Asset Protection

Posted at 14:12 in Flood Resilience

Good business has always been governed by a pre-emptive approach to risk reduction. From the renowned R&D teams driving new innovations in Silicon Valley’s famous start-ups, to DNOs proactively protecting assets from flood risks, the businesses that are truly prepared for tomorrow are the ones investing in a resilient approach today. But let’s take a […]

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10 May Asset Resilience: From scientific discovery to Government policy

Posted at 14:51 in Flood Resilience

Buckminster Fuller famously said “Science paces technology, technology paces industry, industry paces economics and economics paces politics.” I can testify to this observation as we have seen this process played out in the Asset Resilience arena over the past 10 years. We have seen, and contributed to, the scientific understanding that has led to new […]

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