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With climate change bringing wild and unexpected weather patterns leading to increased flood risks across the UK, relying on old data to ‘predict’ a flood or simply hoping for the best is no longer acceptable if you want to protect your operations and be a resilient business.

Adler & Allan can help you to understand your flood risk, with flood surveys of your buildings and assets completed by our flood engineers, as well as flood risk assessments to give you a complete view of the likelihood of flooding and how to mitigate.

Our Flood Risk Platform draws live and historic data together to bring you intelligent mapping giving you an accurate, immediate view on weather changes and rising water levels. This insight can help you identify your assets most at risk so you can act before the event. When integrated with our Flood Mitigation and Flood Response Services, this gives you complete peace of mind, whatever the weather.


A flood can stop your business from operating for many months, damage stock and equipment, cause environmental damage leading to intervention or fines from the Environment Agency, and disrupt your entire supply chain. The impact of any of these can completely derail your business, so protecting your key assets is essential.

Adler & Allan can help you to mitigate the risks to your assets, equipment, and buildings with a range of flood mitigation measures. Each A&A solution is bespoke, and we look at the specific needs of your operations, consider your flood risk, your budget, and the ability of your staff to implement flood measures. Working with you, we agree a plan of works to ensure that your business is prepared for a flood event and the risks of damage are minimised.

We don’t sell just one range of flood products, because we know technologies are evolving rapidly and our customers’ needs are better served with choice from the whole of the market. We work with a range of manufacturers, and test and develop products at our Innovation Centre in Oxfordshire.

When you work with Adler & Allan, you can be assured that our solutions are best in class, drawn
from the latest technologies and research available, and purpose-built for your business.


Our customers trust us to protect their operations from the risks posed by environmental uncertainty. And as we’ve been responding to flooding and other disasters for the past 30 years, we understand the scale and speed of these events. Being prepared and protected can help to reduce the impact of a flood, but when flooding hits, you need to respond, fast.

Adler & Allan’s dedicated flood response team is available 24/7, and offers emergency support and expertise to minimise the impacts of a flood on your business and the environment around it. With expertise in all aspects of flood response and environmental management, we act quickly to minimise the potentially devastating effects of flood water.

We can deploy specialist teams and equipment including flood barriers, pumps and temporary storage tanks within a few hours. And if spills occur, Adler & Allan can mitigate any threat to the environment or your assets with our specialist Spill Response Team.


We believe in a resilient approach to business – reducing the risks from flooding and other disasters to get your operations back up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

The devastation flood water causes requires specialist remediation, and Adler & Allan can help with our post event remediation services, include specialist cleaning, sanitising, and drying. We can also help with health and safety compliance for all businesses, including food manufacture.

And once your operations are working again, learning from the experience is an essential part of being resilient. We support businesses with flood awareness training, flood action plans, and annual flood product maintenance checks.


Cost to UK of
Storm Desmond
in 2015

UK Commercial
Properties Are Located
Flood Risk Areas

Avg. Cost of Flood
Damage is
4X Fire Damage

UK Subject To At Least
One Major Flood Every
Year Since 1988

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