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The threats to business from floods are growing every year. The impact of a flood event goes beyond an individual company; flooding impacts every connection a business has – from the supply chain through to the wider community.

At Adler & Allan, we recognise the need for a joined-up approach to best practice in the flood industry, which is why we have forged strong partnerships with a number of organisations to drive standards and knowledge.



Business In The Community & BERG
Member, and Founding Member

Adler and Allan is a member of Business In The Community and a founding member of the Business Emergency Recovery Group (BERG), an initiative of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, along with Aviva, Barclays, BT, HSBC, Marsh, RBS, Virgin Money, and Wates

BERG seeks to help SMEs and communities across the UK to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies such as flooding, cyber-attacks and civil unrest. By calling upon the resources of larger orgnaisations, BERG helps businesses to recover more quickly should disaster happen.

Following the floods in the winter of 2015/16, Adler & Allan worked in conjunction with BERG to offer flood grant advice and flood mitigation support to businesses and householders across the North West of the UK.

Cumbria Resilience Project

Flood resilience campaigner, Mary Dhonau OBE, in partnership with Adler & Allan, BERG and DEFRA, is leading the Cumbria Resilience Project which is raising awareness of an issue close to the hearts of many in the Cumbrian region and demonstrates the measures that can be taken to reduce the devastation caused by flooding. The initiative will see three properties in the Cumbria region installed with flood mitigation measures; Edenside Barn, Botcherby Community Centre and The Lucas Restaurant.  The project is being funded by the Environment Agency and has seen a number of companies getting involved by donating flood products and labour to install the measures.


Specialist Partner

As a flood and resilience specialist, Adler & Allan is a Specialist Partner for Flood Services to Aviva and its Risk Management Division.

Aviva is active in promoting flood advice, products, and support to businesses as part of its Risk Management Division. In order to offer its customers the most robust solutions to mitigate flood risk, Aviva has partnered with a number of selected companies to deliver specialist advice and flood support. Adler & Allan is delighted to have been appointed as a Specialist Partner for Flood Services and is working with a number of organisations in a range of industries to increase their flood mitigation planning and implementation.


DEFRA RoundTable
Members of 2 Task Groups

Following the floods of 2015, Dr Peter Bonfield was asked by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Environment and Rural Affairs to bring commercial interests together in a Roundtable to consider how best to enable and encourage the use of property level resilience measures for buildings at risk of being flooded. The Roundtable was split into 5 Task Groups with Mark Calvert, Adler & Allan’s CEO leading the output from Task Group No.1 and Henrik Pedersen, Business Development Director at Adler & Allan, sitting on Task Group No. 4.

Adler & Allan also co-authored the DEFRA Roundtable Property Flood Resilience Report.

Property Care Association (PCA)

PCA membership

Adler & Allan are proud members of the Property Care Association (PCA).  The PCA is the trade association representing specialists across the UK who are trusted to resolve problems affecting buildings. PCA members have met strict membership criteria to demonstrate their technical competence and service delivery standards and can investigate and resolve property defects.  Adler & Allan has demonstrated its technical expertise in flood protection and restoration measures through its work with both commercial and domestic properties.

Cost to UK of
Storm Desmond
in 2015

UK Commercial
Properties Are Located
Flood Risk Areas

Avg. Cost of Flood
Damage is
4X Fire Damage

UK Subject To At Least
One Major Flood Every
Year Since 1988

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